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Experienced Criminal Defense in Duluth

At The Law Offices of David C. Keegan, we focus our practices entirely on the field of criminal defense in Duluth and surrounding northern Minnesota and Wisconsin communities.

If you or someone you know has been, or may be, investigated for or charged with a crime, we encourage you to call our offices for immediate consultation. Early intervention can be critical to our mutual success in your criminal defense case. Contact our Duluth law offices to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

We are dedicated criminal defense attorneys committed to defending our clients on all charges, felony to misdemeanor. With a combination of practical experience and proven client service, we focus on achieving the best possible result for every client in every case.

Comprehensive Defense Services for Each and Every Client

Our criminal defense practices is based on providing a comprehensive response tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their cases. Whether it’s a client’s first contact with law enforcement after a DUI/DWI arrest or a shoplifting incident, or the case involves the most serious of allegations including rape/sexual assault or homicide/murder, we are prepared to help, whatever the situation.

We utilize all available resources to assist our clients through the difficulties of the criminal court process. From assault and battery to property crimes and drug offenses, we keep our clients informed, prepared and engaged in their case.

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