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There are other consequences to being charged with a crime besides jail time or fines. Property used in the commission of an alleged crime may also be seized by law enforcement officers. This often can result in the loss of a motor vehicle and other property of significant value — for example, motor vehicles, cash, jewelry and more. In certain cases, businesses charged with crimes may have company property seized, and that can result in the business being shut down. The Duluth property forfeiture attorneys at the Law Offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long can assist you if such circumstances arise.

Time Limits Regarding Forfeiture Actions Need To Be Monitored

Whether pulled over for a DUI, accused of fleeing the scene of a crime, or charged with transporting and selling drugs, you could lose your car and the ability to drive. When charged with certain kinds of crimes, you could also have your professional license revoked preventing you from earning an income.

A forfeiture can occur before or after a criminal indictment, and is usually independent from the criminal case. Property can be seized at a moment’s notice and soon after be liquidated by government authorities if immediate action is not taken. Forfeiture notices can also be confusing as to what can and cannot be seized, and the notification may not be clear as to what options you have available.

David Keegan and Mikkel Long are lawyers who understand the Minnesota forfeiture laws and know precisely how much time you have available to contest property seizures. If hired, they will take prompt actions to make certain your concerns are addressed. That could prevent you from losing thousands of dollars.

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