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Duluth, Minnesota, Murder Attorney

There are no more serious criminal charges you can face than accusations of murder, homicide, manslaughter or attempted murder. It’s no secret that conviction for such a crime could lead to decades or even a lifetime of imprisonment. However, even the allegation of this sort of crime could take months or even years to resolve. The damage to your reputation and lingering consequences of a drawn-out trial process may never go away.

When facing such charges, an experienced murder defense attorney is badly needed. At the Law Offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long, we have represented individuals charged with murder and manslaughter at trial. We have extensive jury trial experience which is absolutely required in defending these matters. Our lawyers can represent you in Minnesota, Wisconsin and in federal court on these charges. We believe we are well-respected by court officials and our peers.

Resources At Your Disposal For The Best Defense

We will do our best to marshal all resources to ensure that whatever evidence is brought against you is thoroughly tested, and that whatever favorable evidence we have will be presented in a way consistent with the Rules of Procedure and Rules of Evidence.

To have you acquitted of murder or manslaughter charges, we want to make certain that the evidence is heavily on your side. Though by law the burden required for a conviction is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, jury members are sometimes swayed by emotion unless your defense is clearly demonstrated.

David Keegan and Mikkel Long will retain the very best investigators, forensic scientists and expert witnesses to make certain you are not wrongfully convicted. They will immediately put together your best possible defense and represent you through the entire process.

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