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Duluth Fish And Game Violations Attorney

Many people do not understand that fish and game violations can lead to criminal charges and result in you being taken to court. They can result in the deer or game and firearms you have in your possession being seized and property being forfeited. You could have your fishing and hunting licenses revoked and all hunting and fishing privileges taken away.
The lawyers at the Law Offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long are substantially experienced in handling fish and game violations. We have long worked with game wardens and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) officials. We have represented many hunters and fishermen in the Arrowhead region during court appearances.
We do everything we can to minimize the collateral consequences that could arise due to a fish and game violation as well. The attorneys take immediate action to clear up misunderstandings. David and Mikkel will strive to have fish and game violation charges against you reduced or dismissed. Keeping fish and game violations off of your record could prevent you from suffering embarrassment and damage to your reputation. We will also do all we can to prevent your hunting and fishing licenses from being revoked.
David has taken game violations to jury trials and won. In one case, he successfully utilized the “entrapment” defense which resulted in an acquittal. In another matter, the judge threw the case out after the state had rested. It is important to look carefully at the law, the facts of every case and to represent effectively.

Snowmobile And ATV Restrictions And Violations

There are unique requirements when it comes to riding your snowmobiles or ATVs. Though designed for off-road use, there are limitations as to where such vehicles can be operated and speeds at which these machines can travel. Frequently, there are restrictions about riding on public land or lakes that a rider may not have been aware of. There are equipment and registration requirements that come along with riding these machines. Also, there are age restrictions concerning certain types of operation.
You can be charged for driving offenses on a snowmobile or ATV in a similar manner as being charged for a traffic violation. For example, our lawyers are often asked to represent ATV and snowmobile riders who are charged with a DUI. Whatever you do, and whatever the circumstance, prevention is better than cure. If you believe you’ve had more to drink than you should, do not get onto or operate any type of motor vehicle. It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your neighbors.
The attorneys provide professional representation for you if such violations are alleged. We make every effort in defending you because we understand the consequences can be serious.

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