Duluth Property Crimes Attorneys

The Law Offices of David C. Keegan and Mikkel A. Long will assist you when charged with any number of property offenses. The attorneys routinely represent individuals arrested for:

  • Arson
  • Theft and burglary
  • Burglary/home and car invasion
  • Shoplifting offenses
  • Possession or receiving stolen property

If you are arrested for a property crime, we will aggressively fight to have charges dismissed. However, realistically speaking, there will be circumstances where dismissal of charges cannot be accomplished without other actions being taken. We can negotiate with government attorneys to have the sentence reduced. Sometimes, we can work toward resolving the matter by having you pay some sort of restitution. Occasionally, we may be able to have the charge diverted from the criminal court system altogether.

Criminal Damage To Property

Accusations of criminal damage to property may well be the most common property crime we see in the Minnesota courts. There is first-degree criminal damage to property dealing with intentional damage to someone else’s property without their consent. This can result in felony charges with a potential sentence of up to five years in prison. If the property damaged concerns a utility or pipeline used by the public, a conviction could mean imprisonment. Even lesser degrees of criminal damage to property could expose you to jail time.

When a conviction seems imminent, the attorneys will focus upon the kind of restitution that can be made to either have the charges reduced or the case dismissed. This sometimes means the payment of out-of-pocket losses.

David Keegan has working relationships with accountants, actuaries and adjusters to make determinations about the type of restitution required to make up for the property damage. They can negotiate for the best possible deal for you to reduce expenses as much as possible.

The Restitution Process

The process for restitution can be complex and requires the filing of a number of documents with the court. There are a number of time limits when it comes to challenging the amounts of restitution that are ordered to be paid. Mistakes in the process can be costly.

The property crimes defense attorneys in Duluth can walk you through the process while exploring every possible avenue available. Their representation can ensure that the end result is a fair one for you.

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